Addictions are always bad.  Habits are sometimes bad.

Right now I’m currently taking a masterclass on habit-forming design taught by Nir Eyal, bestselling author and Stanford educator on behavioral design.

“Habits form from: frequency and attitude change” -Nir Eyal

However, habits can fall into the form of gravitating towards YouTube when you’re bored, or checking up on news sites.  If habits can have a negative impact, what’s the defining trait between habits and addiction?

Eyal defines habits as a behavior done with little or no concious thought. Addictions carry a connotation of compulsion.  This brings us to the realm of design.  My ears have often grazed conversations of being “too addicted” to one or another form of social media.  Is social media designed to be addictive or habitual?

While I’m still deep in thought regarding the implications of this topic, I can assure you I will be pondering the differences between addiction through design in relation to the formation of good habits through design.

Lucas is a designer based in the United States.  Feel free to contact him at lucasgoshenlim [at] gmail [dot] com.